"A Child in Exile"
"A Wink Above the Slipping Mask"
'The Archaeology of Passivity"
"An Escape to Captivity and Back"
"Getting Past the Present"
"Heavy Losses in the Hands of a Lesser Life"
"How Our Weapons Have Hurt Us"
"Men of Inaction"
"The Mind of a Failed Father"
"Mirrors in the Labyrinth"
"Notes of A Visable Man"
"Of Brotherly Love and Other Odd Notions"
"Only a Child Can Tell a Children's Story"
"The Post-Modern Aura"
"The Voices of Women Reckoning"
"True Crime Is Never Quite Enough"
"Unspoken Emotions of an Ex-Boy"
"Without Consent Or Contract"
"Words of Fantasy Melody of Truth"
Jack Butler CSF Distinguished Artists Forum 1989
Jack Butler in his Studio 1990
Fahey Klein Exhibition 1991
Jack Butler, Fahey Klein Gallery 1990
David Fahey, Fahey Klein Gallery 1990
Susie Stroll, Nancy Butler, Fahey Klein Gallery 1990
Eileen Cowin, Jay Brecker, Fahey Klein Gallery 1990
20x24 Polaroid Camera set up
Jack Butler and John Reuter, Polaroid 20x24 Camera
Aqusition by Los Angeles County Museum of Art
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